Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pippa says it all

 Great video by "Deep Rogue Ram" A true communication masterpiece; and it is going viral!


  1. wow, this is very progressive for a Fox News weather forecast. bravo! they say fox is merely a primitive, savage, cowardly, mendacious science and reason hating media outlet with zero intellectual credibility. that its just a corporate propaganda machine, spewing forth endless deception and lies. that they pander to the basest, most ignorant common denominator in society.

    but credit where its due; this is truly arrrwwwwwwwsome!

  2. ? This is has nothing to do with Fox News (except parody of the look)

  3. Ok Ugo, I checked it now and it has +200 000 views. So I guess it will save a lot of fossil CO2 in the near future and forever so I guess we and future generations are saved ;-)

    ... and people start to buy chevy Volt...

    cheers, Alex

  4. yvesT. i was just joking. its obviously not on fox. but wouldnt it be great if someone did go 'crazy' on air, live and they couldnt switch them off immediately for some technical reason. it would be the sanest thing theyve ever broadcast or their audience has ever heard



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