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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A podcast on civilization collapse on the "Doomstead Diner"

A bit cassandric (a lot) but here it is!


  1. Widget does not show up on my Mozilla Firefox here, not sure why. Blogspot software is not the same as Wordpress, so everything does not work the same.

    In any event, all Ugo's Podcasts will be available on the Diner Podcast Page as they are Aired. Next one Due Up Saturday.


    1. Well, on my firefox, I can see it.

    2. It was a Glitch. Widget shows today on my browser.


  2. Just a formal thing - the sound stream is very strongly compressed - could it, for the sake of understandibility and ease of listening, be somewhat less strongly compressed? (THis is for your information, i would not mind you deleting this post.)

  3. Numerous issues with Podcasting and streaming are involved here.

    First off, the service I am currently using, Soundcloud, does the file compression for the version you listen to off the web. We have the original MP3s, and they are available on a Subscription basis.

    I may move the podcast to my own host, but there are bandwidth issues involved with that, and I run a non-commercial site at the moment, if you note I run no Ads on the Diner, with the exception recently of doing Amazon Links to books our Podcasts guests have up for sale. IOW, I am doing this as cheap as I can and still provide the best tech I can. We have very professional folks involved on the Diner, we know what we are doing on the tech level.

    The other issue involved is the Copyright Police. LOL. We like to use Music to Intro and Outro our podcasts. Sometimes Soundcloud will not "take" a Podcast because the audio stream from the Music matches too closely a copyrighted music piece. So we do some audio manipulation to avoid this problem. I do not provide the full tracks, so I feel I am doing Adverrtisement for the Musicians here, if people like the Music, they will buy full versions of their tracks. DCP shit is a nasty biz these days on the web overall, and if you have read any of my stuff, you will know I am all about Free Dissemination of Information.

    Finally, we got audio issues periodically with what comes over Skype, due to Sampling Rates and due to various connection issues. If somebody is coming in out of range on Volume or Frequency Distribution, we manipulate the sound so it sounds as close to "normal" as our Ears think it should sound. I know my audio, I am an old time Pirate Radio guy. Read "Pump Up the Volume" on the Diner. LOL

    Anyhow, if you want real good Audio, SUBSCRIBE! LOL.

    We gotta pay for this somehow you know. My pocket is only so deep. :)




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