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Monday, August 8, 2016

Saving the world, one lawsuit at a time: a new disaster for Rossi's E-Cat

I keep saying that I am not interested in the E-Cat story anymore but, in reality, I am still fascinated by this illustration of the depths that the human credulity can reach. So, I thought I could chronicle here the most recent developments of the plot, just for the fun of it. (Image from blurbrain

The E-cat saga continues! The energy-producing device that should have saved the world seems to be set to do that one lawsuit at a time. The latest chapter of the saga involves the "Industrial Heat" company that, apparently, provided serious money for the intellectual rights on Rossi's device. As in previous cases, however, the story ended in a bitter quarrel when the company discovered that the device couldn't generate the excess energy it claimed to be able to generate. Below, two excerpts from the Industrial Heat' answer to Rossi's complaints. More details are provided by Steven Krivit.  (also here)

But, of course, it is all a conspiracy of the PTB!

(highlights by UB)

7.Beyond the fact that Guaranteed Performance could not be achieved in the required time period, Leonardo and Rossi knew that the Plant could not produce a COP of 10.0 or greater (or even a COP or 4.0 or greater) for 350 out of 400 days. As a result, Leonardo and Rossi manipulated the testing process by, among other things, 1) insisting that the Plant be relocated to Miami, far away from Industrial Heat’s offices, to provide steam to a purported manufacturing “customer” that did not actually exist; 2) manipulating, along with Fabiani, the operation of the Plant and the reports of the Plant’s purported operations, to make it appear that the Plant was producing a COP far greater than 10.0; and 3) enlisting Penon to produce a false report stating that Guaranteed Performance was achieved.

31. Defendants lack sufficient knowledge or information to admit or deny the allegations concerning the number of years Rossi has purportedly spent working, or the nature of the work Rossi has purportedly performed, on the E-Cat. Defendants deny that the E-Cat produces energy substantially in excess of the amount of energy input into the reaction at a cost substantially below that of more traditional energy sources; see Ex. 1.1 technology Plaintiffs directly provided them, Industrial Heat and IPH have been unable to produce any measurable excess energy. Defendants deny that the E-Cat produces energy substantially in excess of the amount of energy input into the reaction at a cost substantially below that of more traditional energy sources; see Ex. 1.1


  1. Even more fun reading believers trying to support Rossi claiming IH was...defrauding Rossi (!!) (while Darden was supporting the fraud, same peolpe had a different argument: "Americans are smart and no one would enter the bargain if it were a mere scam" - 'cause Americans are good, of course. At least as long as they follow Rossi...)

    The amusement will not stop soon - we will be entertained for some few years more - around 3/6/12 or might be even 18.

  2. The sad thing is that the Rossi believers will never recognize their folly. They will always believe that the Powers That Be (PTB) were behind a conspiracy.

  3. Perhaps the Rossi cat generated more energy than was input to it, if you count all the hubbub generated.

  4. Looks like the author of this article doesn't know basic facts about the test. Based on his ignorance he makes false conclusions.

    Also, the the writer relies on Krivit and ugo bardi (both unrelieble sources).

    Oh, well, ... I see now that this article was written by Ugo bardi himself. This explains every thing about the low quality of this article.

    Any body who still believes that Ugo bardi is reliable about facts may check the figure "cop 10.0" which is not related at all to the agreement between Rossi and Industrial Heat (=IH). It is an _invented figure_ by a person whose rigorosity is highly suspected.



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