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Friday, February 15, 2013

Ugo Bardi speaks about mineral depletion

Here is the podcast that was posted on "From Alpha to Omega" by Tom O'Brien, after he interviewed me over the phone.

I am not sure that anyone would be interested to listen to me for about 46 minutes, except for the fact that there is some nice music in between my boring ramblings. Anyway, if you really don't have anything better to do, you can listen to me discussing about subjects such as mineral depletion, the history of the Earth, how the ecosystem functions, the future of humankind and the like. All subject that you will find described in detail in my upcoming book "Plundering the Planet".


  1. Ugo, I listened to it, it was not that boring, as much as accurate description of our collective reality. BTW we are not plundering the planet, we are just making it better for our use and needs.. :-)


  2. Ugo I was fascinated by your talk and your opinions are well considered. "Mineral resources are getting more and more expensive over time." I think about Heinbergs "Peak Everything. Is "Plundering the Planet" going to expand on those themes?

  3. Thank you Professor!
    Very educational.
    I did not know about many of the "basics" you discuss.
    Here we are all trying to scrape a living off of Gaia's crust and not knowing how she cooks her pizza pie.

  4. Well, it looks like at least someone found the time to listen to my little talk. Thanks for your attention and, yes, the themes I spoke about are going to be discussed much more in depth in the upcoming book "plundering the planet". It should appear in print in June.

  5. politicans, profs, experts can't stop telling the story of endless growth! the fear that tax or income will sink and so the power of the state, etc. will sink too...that by definition is not pay capital's interest you have to increase the amount of money. to make politics you have to increase the power of politics. spiral of dept, money, interest, ressource depletion goes on and on. Hope a Trade off comes soon!

  6. great lecture. very interesting.

    here in the uk, everyone is apparently still in the dark about why the economy isn't coming out of recession - as it always has done before. i've not heard anyone on the media say the obvious. either they are all complete idiots, or its censored.



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