Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Climate change: stating the problem

Here, Dan Gilbert states very nicely what are the problems that prevent the diffusion of the concept that climate change is an imminent danger and that we should do something about it.

The video goes back to a few years ago and the problems remain the same, today. It is time to start thinking of solutions!

(h/t Alexander Ac)


  1. Ugo,

    Great find. Thanks.

    He left out the 5th reason:

    Our anthropomorphic and beloved Mr Economy (including his Invisible Hand) is threatened by the creation of imagery of a Anthropogenic Climate Destroying Demon (ACDD).

    Those who "seriously" believe in the existence of ME-PHIH (Mr Economy Plus His Invisible Hand) and in the "goodness" of Man are forced to reject the existence of the ACDD (Anthropogenic Climate Destroying Demon) because existence of the latter threatens the existence and continuance of our cherished ME-PHIH religion and of our Man-Is-Always-Good religion.

  2. Great talk. But if human brains are not 'wired up' to deal with this sort of threat, it immediately begs the question as to why SOME people take climate change so seriously. It doesn't make sense.

    Does it mean a few rare humans have a fundamentally different brain? And if they don't, why can't everyone take it seriously as well?

    1. I would say, the gaussian of education, convoluted with the gaussian of personnal sensibilities, convoluted with the gaussian of personal interest in the case ?

  3. "What about Gauss? :)"

    don't know. did he drive?



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