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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ugo Bardi on "Plundering the Planet" (Part II)

Climate change: „We risk extinction, if we keep on building coal-fired power plants.“

s oil production stagnates and is likely to fall in the future, „king coal“ enjoys a renaissance – with disastrous consequences for the climate. If we continue to build coal-fired power plants, we risk the future of humanity, we risk extinction, says Bardi. Coal is only profitable because social and ecological costs are not taken into account. Future generations will have to pay the bill and clean up the mess. In spite of misinformation and the enormous power of fossil fuel corporations, resistsance is fertile, Bardi says.

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  1. In that last half minute you express my feelings on taking action exactly. We try what we can, maybe we succeed, maybe not, whatever.

    To think that way helps me with blogging. I have my narrative of Arctic sea ice loss and the consequences thereof, but I'm not tiring myself with trying to control the broader narrative. I try what I can.

    If people think I have something interesting to say, and change/improve their lifestyles because of it, great. If they decide they'd rather listen to Patrick Michaels and Anthony Watts, then that's their choice/problem.

    Things will go as they go.



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