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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A list of organizations that give some hope for the future

A list of assorted Cassandras prepared by Mike Haywood

"Hope for the future" organizations and groups.

Post carbon Institute
Transition movement
Zeitgeist movement….
Initiatives of change International
Earth Future
Ethical Markets
Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties
Four Worlds International Institute

Groups who think the change will be fast and uncontrolled
Chris Martenson’s crash course for building resilience
Videos about building resilience
Survival blog
Homesteading and survivalism store
Apollo-Gaia project
Automatic Earth

Groups that believe advanced technology is the answer to all the problems
The Venus Project
Buckminster Fuller institute
Smart Planet
New America Foundation

POPULATION AWARENESS GROUPS (Links provided by Luca Pardi)

Miscellaneous groups
People and Planet
United Nations Development Program
Collaborative consumption hub
People’s World
Sum of us
Globalisation Research
Fellowship for International Community
Fantsuam Foundation
Free World Charter
Clinton Global Initiative
Common Dreams
One Earth Org
Community• Planet Foundation
David Suzuki Foundation
Chopra Foundation
Todd Landman's Institutue of Democracy and Conflict Resolution
David Fynch Foundation

Groups wanting to change the Economic system
New Economics Foundation
Foundation for the economics of sustainability

Global Education Conference Network

Promoting sustainable business
Tomorrow’s Company
Ellen Macarthur's Foundation
Association of Sustainability Practitioners
Global Association of Chief Sustainability Officers


Independent journalism
Blazing Kat Productions


  1. Great list, thanks for sharing, more here

  2. At Pyrolysium we are developing a way to dispose of human remains by concentrated solar power, turning human remains into biochar. Because of legal prohibitions we have turned our attention towards opening the world's first petpyrolysium in Amsterdam in 2014. We share our discoveries in a Creative Commons License with the world.

  3. Having duly noted the huge number of organizations, entities, groups, movements and etc. above "that give some hope" for the future and their divergent views and their differing bases of evidence and argumentation, I have concluded that "there is no hope" because the world is "hopelessly" confused and divided.

    But of course THERE IS HOPE, because I am only joking !

  4. Thanks for putting up that list, but of corse, as you certainly know, there are many many more.

    So I hope that I am not intruding too much, If I I add some organizations that need to be mentioned. Without them, or their founders, we might not have any discussion at all.

    So I am sure you agree with me that the Donella Meadows Institute is missing and should be included in the list.

    I also think that Herman Daly and the organisation he founded, should have a place in the list as well: CASSE (Center for the advancement of Steady State Economy).

    On a personal level and because he might be relevant for younger activists, I would like too recommend the website for my favorite Person for giving hope in the age of crisis: David Graeber, Charles Eisenstein and Niko Paech.

  5. Something went wrong my above comment (didnt close a tag?).

    I wanted to point to Charles Eisensteins Website:, who could also front for the occupy movement, that gave a lot of hope to many people recently. (Even though occupy has no front, I guess that Eisenstein is best capturing the spirit of occupy in his writings).

    The Link in above comment is to another organisation "DANACH" (Suisse) that features Eisenstein, Paech and Graeber in a series of speeches.

  6. in Egypt gives some hope for the future. Alas, Egypt has no future...

  7. You can add to the Population Awareness grouping. Thanks.



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