Sunday, August 11, 2013

An even more cassandric podcast by Ugo Bardi

Part II of a series of three from "The Doomstead Diner"


  1. Part 3 is already up in HQ MP3 format available to Diner Subscribers!


  2. Ugo, nice to hear this interview. To give you my view of the German situation, as it figured in the interview: the reason Germany's economy is so strong is that in the 90ies the Deutschmark went up and put a lot of pressure to become more competitive. After the introduction of the Euro the currency was fixed at a comfortable level given that most measures had already been taken. Even if people make noises, abandoning the Euro would be a disaster, so they don't really want that. However, as an effect of cost cutting, quality really went down, and that will hurt in the long run. Otherwise the situation is not a rosy compared to other EU countries, only comparatively better.

    Best wishes,




Ugo Bardi is a member of the Club of Rome and the author of "Extracted: how the quest for mineral resources is plundering the Planet" (Chelsea Green 2014). His most recent book is "The Seneca Effect" (Springer 2017)