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Friday, August 23, 2013

Free science!

h/t Michael Tobis. Watch out for a new Open Access journal "Frontiers in Energy Systems and Policy"


  1. Thanks for raising this topic. I think its of fundamental importance.

    In computer sciences, the tool that will change the way we access knowledge profoundly, is semantic data base systems. These are programms that "understand" texts. They extract huge amounts of metadata from publicatons and correlate it to citable text passages.

    Basically they were developed to help us search for relevant scientific publications.

    Instead of being used for enabling us to understand the world, to promote cooperation and scientific knowledge, these systems are now the heart of the prism architecture. Science that was developed with public funding to free us, is now used to oppress us.

    Why do we, as the people, accept and fund "Big Data" in the misguided intelligence gathering agencies? Why is there money for these systems that intrude in our privacy and violate our constitutional rights, but no money for educating and enabling the people in knowledge and science?

    How can anyone think that not education but control is what makes our world a safer place?

  2. Yes, we must move into new ways of managing information. The old publishing model is as dead as the steam machine. Thanks for this interesting note!

  3. Well, steam machines are hardly dead! Heck, even solar thermal is a steam machine, let alone natural gas and coal fired generators and nuclear. Hard to beat the steam machine!

    Perhaps you meant the steam locomotive.

    1. Correct. After I wrote that, I wondered if I had chosen the right similitude. Indeed, not - although I had in mind the low efficiency of the early steam machines, today steam turbines have excellent efficiency. For some truly inefficient example, I think I should have said "as inefficient as fossil fuels". Or something like that



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