Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dresden: the conference on materials, energy supply and acceptance

Materials, Energy Supply and Acceptance

I am in Dresden, right now, for this conference that starts tomorrow morning. It looks very interesting, although my modest skills in German will make for a difficult time for me. But I'll try to catch what I can! You can find the program at this link (all in German)


  1. A multilingual person being bashful about their skills in one of the many languages they speak is many more times humiliating for those of us who were unlucky to be born in a in a country that pretty much only speaks English.

    1. Well, Ruben, I should be more precise about my German. I said "modest", but it is more like "very poor"!! I learned to read German technical tests when I was a student. At that time, a lot of chemistry texts were still in German and not available, or not updated, in English. So, especially in organic chemistry, if you wanted to do your job well, you had to plod your way laboriously over these ponderous German texts, the "Beilstein", for instance. I still remember those heavy volumes listing all the properties or organic compounds. Eventually, I could read all that, but that didn't make me able to speak German!



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