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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas without coal!

Despite the tsunami of anti-renewables propaganda, despite the invasion of trolls in the comments, despite the insults against scientists and against everything sustainable; there is still hope of a clean and prosperous future (we just can't expect Santa to bring it to us for free - we'll have to work for it!)


  1. I'm a Troll, and I support this opiniĆ³n:

  2. Er....well Ugo, I AM getting my solar generated electricity for free. I have rented out the air space above my roof to 'A Shade Greener' who are PV installers. They have installed their solar PV arrays above my roof and connected it to the grid. They will receive Feed-In-Tariff payments from the government for every kWh of renewable electricity generated, regardless of whether I use that electricity in my home or it goes into the grid. So I get to use what I can with nothing to pay, and reduce my electricity bills in the process.

    It has been up and running for one month now and generated only 173kWh, but considering it has been a month of storms and the shortest days of the year, it is better than I expected in this cloudy overcast country.

    The project is funded through peoples energy bills and I would be far happier if the money was used towards making homes more efficient, educating people about energy consumption or installing wind farms. PV is just not well suited to the UK and the return is poor. Many people refer to it as 'Green Bling'. However the aims of this project were to bring down the cost of installing PV and that has been achieved - the cost of a PV installation has more than halved since the project started. It has also provided jobs and training opportunities for installers.

    In the end I had to have the PV panels, if only to promote discussion with my neighbours and hope that some of them will sign up too! I hope the opportunity for free solar electricity comes your way too, especially as you get far more sunshine :-)



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