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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Farewell, Mr. Spock!

Samantha Cristoforetti, presently orbiting around the earth, pays homage to Leonard Nimoy and to his Spock character by making the "Live Long and Prosper" sign with her hand

Thank you, Leonard Nimoy, for the character of First Officer Spock that you played so well and for so long in Star Trek. You showed us a future where science was respected by everyone, where logic was not in contrast with morality, and where diversity was not only accepted, but praised. Star Trek was all about harmony in diversity.

The future of Star Trek was not to be our future, which turned out instead to be dominated by lies, damned lies, and psyops. But, for a while, we could dream of a different world. And Spock was the Star Trek character who made us dream the most.

You lived long and prospered on this planet, Leonard, now may you fly in high orbit with the Angels!



    From far beyond the galaxies I've journeyed to this place
    To study the behavior patterns of the human race
    And I find them highly illogical

    Girl meets boy they fall in love
    She says he's everything she's dreamed of
    But when they get married before he's aware
    She changes his habits the way he combs his hair
    She changes him to someone he's never been
    And then complains he's not like other men
    Now really I find this most illogical

    Take the case of your automobiles
    Greatest invention since man discovered wheels
    Hydromatic overdrive four-on-the-floor
    Pushbutton windows pushbutton doors
    Double barreled carborators rush you any place
    But you never can find a parking space
    Highly illogical

    Take the case of modern man
    He works all his life gives it all he can
    Saves all his money works overtime
    Pinches every penny banks every dime
    All he can think about is money but you know
    That he can't take it with him where he's going to go
    Now I find that fascinatingly illogical

    Now is the time to journey home to tell of what I've learned
    My people I believe have every right to be concerned
    For in spite of computers and advanced psychology
    Behavior patterns are still a mystery
    I predict the future of this earthly human race
    Is that having made a mess of Earth
    They'll move to outer space
    Well there goes the neighborhood
    Totally, completely, absolutely, irrevocably, highly illogical.

  2. Our galactic neighbors can rest easy, we aren't moving to outer space.

  3. this cult helped us going over the cliff...see old rant and the new sketch...



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