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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Breath of Life: the elders speak

This recent film by Susan Kucera is a survey of the sad state of the world. The film presents stunningly beautiful imagery together with together with interviews with a group of scientists and intellectuals (including myself). The overall impression is of something primeval, certainly consistent with the many sections of the film shot in Hawai'i. The people speaking on screen give the definite impression of being the elders of the tribe telling to the young hunters that they should not kill that mammoth; it could be the last they'll ever see! But the young hunters don't listen. It is the story of our species.   

Watch it, if you have a chance.  Here is the film's site.


  1. Hello Ugo,

    There are news on the KiteGen, they are seeking to crowdfund a pilot plant.

    Have not read anything from you on the KiteGen since 2012. What happened?

    1. Nothing special happened. As far as I know, the KiteGen is under development. My impression is that creating a working prototype will take more time than it was evaluated at the beginning, but it is surely a work to be followed.

  2. Dear Prof. Bardi,

    The seneca collapse is definitely shaping up in the us oil rig count curve. I wonder about the predictive value of the "seneca cliff" concept. My naïve (based on visuals only) forecast is that it should stabilize somewhere below 400; that would be much below what is currently predicted as its coming floor by the MSM. What do you think?



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