Thursday, June 2, 2016

Global Warming? What's the Problem?

Image by Lorenzo Donati. Public domain



    The RES is now at 211 Respondents, maintaining a fairly steady rate of data acquisition so it's going to remain open for at least another week. If you haven't yet responded, you can still drop on your opinion.

    The sample size is now sufficiently large that we can begin to parse out the data by the demographics. One parse of great interest to me is to see if there is a significant difference in opinion by education level. Specifically, parsing out the Doctoral level respondents. Do you think being well educated makes you more or less Doomy than average?

    Females remain under-represented at 10% of the sample. So please encourage females you know to take the survey.

    Survey Direct Link:

  2. more doomy than average. although saying that, your going to find some very highly qualified strong believers in cornucopean economics, in the same way you can find many highly educated christians. it depends how many of those have been drawn to your survey for nefarious ends. because denialists can be so highly motivated, your survey may not reflect the average. but, just like there is a correlation of atheism with education, in general the more educated you are (in appropriate subjects), the less cornucopeanist you will be.

    took me a while to work out that picture above. at first i thought it was just somebody sunbathing. but then realized the person is floating on water, bed and the place is flooded. nice.



Ugo Bardi is a member of the Club of Rome and the author of "Extracted: how the quest for mineral resources is plundering the Planet" (Chelsea Green 2014). His most recent book is "The Seneca Effect" (Springer 2017)