Wednesday, May 31, 2017

President Trump considering whether the United States should stay in the Paris climate agreement


  1. "President Trumpet is considering whether or not the United States should stay in the world."

  2. Forget Trump. Let's keep your own house clean. E.g. where I live we have with 4 persons less use of electric energy than the average german one person household. It works. Let's do it.
    Europe is practically dead from the point of view of photovoltaics installation rate. The beancounters have won. This can and must be changed again.
    The Trump stories are kind of exciting, but they become sour faster than milk in a global warming induced heat wave. And they take up resources, the most precious resource we have in the "information society": attention, a resource that can and should be used more wisely and more productively.

  3. why is everyone suddenly bleating about climate change?

    the warnings have been out there for years
    Jimmy Carter spelled it out that we couldn't go on burning fossil fuels---he was booted out of office---why?---because everybody demanded more of everything and Reagan promised just that...who wants to hear bad news anyway?

    reagan's promises worked for a few years as the economy was oil-primed...showing Carter's warnings to be nonsense.

    But of course they were not nonsense because here we are with another 2bn people on the planet--demanding more-----and more---now we have 7.5bn wanting their share of what the Earth has to offer.

    Too late---the earth has recognised us as a fever and is using global warming to get rid of us. Trump is not the fever, only a symptom of our collective malaise

    Trump is just promising more--like Reagan did, and the gullible hordes haven't recognised his ponzi scheme for what it is--there is still that optimism that this ponzi scheme will pay out to everyone and not collapse like all the others

    This explains our situation in more detail:



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