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Thursday, February 28, 2019

What Will Climate Deniers say When the Climate Disaster Arrives?

Image from a fellow Cassandra

It is all the fault of the scientists, they didn't explain to us clearly enough what the problem was.

I am sure you alarmists will take this as an excuse to raise new taxes.

I couldn't detect any sea level rise. It was the city that sank.

Socialism is bad anyway.

It is all a fault of those Russians. They can do much more than just troll the Internet!

Al Gore is fat.

Now, what did Greta Thunberg do to avoid this?

I think that shouldn't prevent us from bringing democracy to Iran.

C'mon! Just a planetary catastrophe is enough for you to forget the Climategate mails?

Well, maybe the cost of cleaning up will make the GDP grow.

Tell me again about this "Seneca Cliff". . .?

I bought myself a Prius, why wasn't that enough?

Don't worry! We'll make America great again!

Eric the Red was right. Greenland is really green!

Why can't you see the good points of it? Think of how many jobs we can create with building dams!

Protect the Earth, you say? Silly! Look at what she did to us!


  1. Just think at what Romans said when the empire collapsed. Basically nothing meaningful

  2. What climate disaster?
    There have been calls for disaster in over 30 years and still no sign of it.
    A little bit warmer now since the little ice age (thank god since I live in Sweden) but still far from the roman warming, which was a prosperous time for human kind and not a disaster.
    I hope it will be a lot warmer so that we can grow hazel nuts again in the north part of Sweden (last time about 6000 years ago), but I have my doubts, the cycle goes against a new ice age, but no worry, since I am not a hazel nut tree I am moveable.

    1. I should add "I am not a hazelnut tree" to the list :-)

    2. This picture is interesting:
      CO2 doesn’t seem to matter a lot for temperature and the 10 000 years warming cycle seems to be on its last leg.

    3. Here is another interesting picture, latest update satellite data on global temperature:
      The temperature has basically flat lined the last 20 years, so where is the disaster?

    4. Markus, you keep throwing links as if they were tennis balls. Look, it doesn't work this way, I could throw just as many links back to you showing the opposite, but this is not a tennis game. If you have something interesting to say, say it, but I am not going to pass any more comments of this kind from you.

    5. Thank you Ugo, about time. Best, Robert Schick, rogue composer

    6. Sorry Ugo, I am just trying to challenge people a little bit, because climate science is not settled in any way.
      If you claim that it is settled, then it is not science but a religion, which it indeed has become for a lot of people.
      In many respects the people claiming disaster is imminent resembles a doomsdays sect. Every time the disaster not manifests the disaster is postponed another ten years and any critics of the sect are treated as heretics.
      Anyway there is a reason that I sometimes hang around at your blog, that is because I like your work a lot (but apparently not agree on all things :-).)
      I also think that mankind is steering in the wrong direction nearing the "Seneca cliff", but because of faulty economic decisions mainly in the form of diluting the currency, by the way the same disastrous decision the romans took when they started to dilute their silver currency with copper.
      Debauching the money is always a sign of decadence and collapse of an empire.
      Keep up your good work Ugo and sorry again for stirring perhaps too much in your and your followers pot :-).

    7. I think everybody is happy to have a dissenting voice -- even happier if you don't behave like a troll!

  3. #1 should be "There's nothing we could have done anyways."

  4. Join the 99% - 200 species a day can't be wrong!

  5. Climate Change Deniers. People that refuse to see the evidence. Because they live in a paradigm in which THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE.
    Not cool.
    However history will decide if *those* deniers where the worse in the pack.

  6. Yet, scientists don't seem to have a unified will either.

    Think of all the scientists who work for the defense industry.

    Maybe they're right... maybe we do need a next gen suite of hyper-sonic tactical nuke delivery system as a matter of priority !

    Maybe the Club of Rome stayed put a little to long after the "ridicule".
    Maybe people forgot how easily "democracy" can be hacked.

    Keynes said that "Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent". Same goes for democracy's free market of idea's I think.

    We were placed on the wrong set of rails right after WWII's settlement. Some less well known [unpalatable] conclusions were drawn, but the absolute worst decisions were made.

    Alea jacta est.

  7. If the earth ever gets too hot...we'll just move to Mars!

  8. Very nice, thank you very much for the good laugh (which would be much more heartfelt if the state of affairs wasn't that serious)!

  9. I would simply have posted this:

    1. ;-)
      I smiled because I remember that one; but I feel old now, so the smile turned melancholic...

  10. its not global warming, its gods punishment for those nasty homosexuals. praise the lord

  11. As we speak a new baby Bill Gates has been born into the world and will soon be introducing new "disruptive" technology that will save us all. All Hail the new Techno-messiah!!!!!

  12. "Humans recognized decades ago the threats they are now facing, yet nothing was done due to political inaction and industry malfeasance which continues to this very day. The scientists who wrote The Limits to Growth decades ago were expecting our political institutions to take action back in the 1970s, but they were met with ridicule and now we stand at the doorstep of modern civilization’s collapse. Political inaction and regulatory capture by the fossil fuel industry appear to be intractable barriers that have condemned the human race to a hellish future. Anyone waiting for some sort of seminal climate change event that is going to galvanize the world’s leaders into action will be tragically disappointed. If seeing the world’s coral reefs dying, its glaciers disappearing, permafrost melting, and the steady uptick in extreme weather and wildfire events does not spur them to action, it is much too late to hope that any single event will ever do so. The time to act would have been before we were seeing all these environmental degradations and tipping points, not afterward. There is no way to put the CO2 genie back in the bottle. A myth that many uninformed people hold is that biospheric health will quickly bounce back after we humans get our act together. Nothing could be further from the truth. Much of the damage we are already seeing is irreversible on human time scales. Positive feedbacks were already occurring at less than 1°C of warming. Many carbon sinks are on the verge of becoming or have already become carbon sources. As we race toward a nightmarish future with no realistic way to stop, we leave behind a “forever legacy” that will haunt mankind for the rest of eternity."



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