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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Why Humans are Unfit to Live on This Planet

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(h/t Steve Kurtz)


  1. No comment....................

  2. Let it be known that 'devolution' is a thing, and that if you're destination is collapse, you'd better make damn sure your population has been informed & enlightened enough before the first debilitating events start occurring.

    In my humble opinion.

  3. At the edge of extinction only incinerating carbon gratuitously remains.

  4. The highest god Enlil decides to destroy the world with a flood because humans have become too noisy.

  5. Lest you be considered anti-human, I would amend that to read: Why a species with upright habit, opposable thumbs, a big brain and no wisdom, is unfit, etc..... A bit more inclusive.

  6. When Economics and its Invisible Hand of Adam Smith tells humans since early steam engines that energy is not an issue - humans CAN manufacture energy, humans behave accordingly no, matter how it is irrational - and who blames them?!

    Does anybody consider Wars are better than wasting Energy, burning it to destruction in a national holiday day?

    I believe wars are worse and less ethical. Cutting forests for fuel, using fossil fuels-made and run industrial base, exceeding several orders of magnitude all the sum useful energy obtained from the wood cut, is no less irresponsible than the scenes depicted in the clip. Drag race? Formula Race, SUVs, bigger SUVs, flaring gas???

    In a very short time after bombarding Baghdad on 17 Jan 1991, starting the first Gulf War, I have seen waves of desperate people coming from neighboring suburbs cutting street trees for fuel - the B-52s have destroyed the civilian infrastructure, not sparing the fuel supply network in the country!

    A litre of gasoline jumped 100 folds in price, sold on the black market, in a matter of hours!

    When fossil fuels products are traded today cheaper than bottled water by the agency of 'supply and demand', ignoring the stuff in it is finite - that suspends in humans their defenses against scarcity - etched in their DNA, meant to help them survive the future!

    "Humans can not manufacture Energy.

    "Energy, like time, flows from past to future".

    Time has come to consider fossil fuels are finite, not any other stuff that can be traded on the basis of supply and demand.

    Time has come to rewrite the Magna Carta from scratch, leaving in it a space for Energy!

    1. This is actually an interesting point. It's easy to laugh at the people in the video but then I look around me and see so many horrible waste of energy. Like my sister and her friend who flew from Austria to England to watch people hit a furry ball around on a grass tennis court.

      People with cars who feel the need to take a couch with them every where they go, do they nap on it ? No ? but how much energy is wasted all over the planet hauling that couch around ?

      Humans will always waste and use, it's why cheap energy is no solution to anything.

  7. They don't understand what idiots they are and how stupid is their way to celebrate 4th of July. They even say that they will clean up all the mess after they made it! And they are really happy!

  8. People who believe in delusional 'solutions' are also part of the problem.

    There are none.

    What we, collectively, have sown, we shall reap.....

  9. Hey! I've BEEN to the Car Launch at Glacier Falls! I shot some vid, it's up on the Diner somewhere. It's HILARIOUS! lol.




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