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Monday, January 25, 2021

The Ghost Shirt Rituals: Preparing for the End of the World


Ishi, (c. 1861 –  1916), the last member of the Native American Yahi people, photographed as he was in 1911 when he came out of the woods in California. How did the Yahi react when they saw that the Whites were going to exterminate them? Perhaps not differently from the way we are reacting to the prospect of the collapse of our civilization: going crazy. The overreaction to the current Covid pandemic is just the first stage of the wave of madness that's engulfing humankind.


Imagine you are a Native American living before the arrival of the Whites. Maybe you are a Lakota, hunter of the central plains. Or maybe a Yahi, living in the thick forests of California. Or a member of any of the many Native American nations that existed back then. 

As a Native American, you have your family, your friends, your day-to-day routine of things and tasks. And you are busy with that, except for one thing: you know that there is a big problem. A VERY big problem. There is an entire nation, out there, bent on exterminating you and your people: the Whites. 

At first, you try to ignore the problem: those Whites are far away. Or maybe you'll deny that they are coming, or that they are so many as they are said to be. But, at some moment, the truth cannot be anymore ignored or denied. The Whites are there. They are coming for you, for your family, your children, your friends, your people. And you know that there is really no way to stop them. So, what do you do? 

You go crazy. And so does everyone. Suddenly, you are catapulted into a "new normal," a world where the routines of everyday life have disappeared. You are now into a sort of "heroic space" where you are supposed to go through mystic rituals that involve dancing yourself to a trance, wearing "ghost shirts" that are supposed to protect you from the Whites' bullets. Even more extreme dances, called "sun dances," involve hanging oneself to a pole with a rope with hooks at the end that pierce one's breast. That is supposed to make warriors braver in the coming fight

A contemporary representation of the "sun dance" involving people hanging themselves to poles with metal hooks stuck inside their breasts and other forms of self-inflicted tortures. This image was probably made to emphasize the "barbaric" aspect of these rituals, but it is true that the Native American society, under heavy stress, had developed these bloody self-punishing dances.

We don't know how exactly the Native Americans of those times saw these bloody rituals. Did they really believe that ghost shirts made them invulnerable? Did they really think that their problem was that their warriors were not brave enough and that to become braver they needed to hang themselves to poles by the breasts? We can't know, and we can't know if someone understood that it was way too late, that the Native American peoples should have acted much earlier to face the Whites as a united nation, instead of scattered tribes. But so moves the great wheel of history, mercilessly crushing everything and everyone when their time has come. After the massacre of Wounded Knee (1890), nobody could anymore think that ghost shirts were a solution.   

The Native Americans were not the only culture that went crazy when facing their own demise: Mon Seul Desir (see the text below) calls this phenomenon the "Indian Reservation Syndrome" and he lists other cases of societies gone into a frenzy of mysticism and rituals when they faced problems that they could not solve. One was the Nongqawuse cattle-killing cult in South Africa, another was the Boxer Rebellion in China (the latter also believed that their spiritual powers made them invulnerable to bullets). 

And then, of course, there is our civilization. We are facing a disaster even worse than anything the Native Americans ever faced: the collapse of the whole planetary ecosystem. And, like them, we are going crazy. 

You can see the ongoing craziness everywhere in its many forms, but the overreaction to the Covid-19 pandemic is perhaps the most pervasive, the most destructive, and the most misunderstood form of craziness that has hit us. The parallels with the rituals of the Native Americans are evident, with the role of the ghost shirts taken by the face masks as a visible garment signaling the beliefs of the wearer, and by vaccines as magic tools making people invulnerable to the enemy. 

The most evident parallel is how the current rituals include various forms of penance. Westerners are not hanging themselves by the breasts, but they undergo segregation, limitations to movement, loss of personal freedom, economic ruin, and more. The idea is to turn the whole story into an obsessive-compulsive ritual carried out with the same stoicism and indifference that Native Americans showed in their bloody rituals. 

It is part of the way the human mind works: when things go bad, the first reaction is to look for someone to blame. But, sometimes, when things go not just bad but truly rotten, then the culprit may turn out to be yourself. So, with the Covid pandemic, that's the reason for the general acceptance of rules and laws that, in other times, would have been unthinkable. It explains the demonization and the mistreatment of those who are the victims and not the perpetrators of what's happening: single human beings, treated as the one cause of the pandemic.

It was probably unavoidable. The Covid is not the real problem, we all know that. The problem is another: it lurks in the background, but it is there. No ghost shirt (and no vaccine) will send away the ecosystem collapse that we are facing


Note: What I wrote is not meant to disparage the Native Americans, nor their beliefs. The Sun Dance was a deeply felt ritual developed by people who were trying to cope with an impossible challenge and I am sure that they genuinely believed in what they were doing. I personally met some Lakota men who were still doing the dance and, years ago, even an Italian man who had converted to the rituals and was doing the dance, including the metal hooks stuck in his breast. These people deserve our respect for their courage and their dedication. About the current Covid rituals, I am sure that many people in the West genuinely believe that they are doing something good and useful by punishing themselves with masks, distancing, home segregation, and all the rest. But there are differences. One is that the Sun Dance was meant to unite the people, whereas the Covid rituals are explicitly meant to separate them. Also, the Sun Dance rituals originated from the people, while the Covid rituals, no matter how sincere are the believers, have been inflicted on the people, not developed by the people. 


The message from "Mon Seul Desir" that inspired this post

Hello Ugo,  

Thanks for the data, it confirms what I’ve was perceiving through feel and anecdotes, you’ve put hard numbers on it. It’s something I’ve been observing building up for a number of years, increasing drug use, alcoholism, and mental illness, I call it the Indian Reservation Syndrome, it’s the product of cultural collapse. I think you have heard of how primitive people can leave themselves to die when they lose their traditional way of life, it was hubris to say that this is confined to allegedly primitive tribes. Any culture can collapse when it comes into contact with a more advanced one. 

A couple of years ago I started having the feeling that collapse would start with massive mass psychoses, like the Nongqawuse cattle-killing cult, the Ghost dance, the Boxers, and the Cargo cults, I’ve been amazed by the Covid cult, it has turned into a collective obsessive-compulsive disorder, disconnected from any reality and resembling witchcraft and demonic possession hysteria, it has the common factor of having been embraced by the elites and much of the educated, with Mr. Fauci and Ferguson in the role of Herr Kramer and Sprenger. And it’s not isolated but part of a massive collective frenzy extending into every aspect of society. The processes that led to this, I’ll take up in a later message... 

Now for the Galla Placidia text, I see you as pointing to a non-linear transition, a complete change of state of the system, where the Homeric world gave way to the Medieval World, the City of God replacing the Glory of Rome. For this to occur implies that Medieval potentialities already existed in Late Rome, the collapse of the Empire allowed actualization of them. We are all chimeras, modernity is a chimera with a younger culture as a ghost in the shell of an older one. The Late Bronze Age had the Homeric world growing within itself, the Roman Empire had the Medieval world within and the modern West which is simply Medievalism in its late form has the Technospheric world growing within itself. 

How do you recognize the new culture? When its mythology emerges in a recognizable form, in pagan Rome the Gospels were regarded as crude tales for the credulous and uneducated, in the Bronze Age, Homer was probably seen as folklore for simple soldiers and sailors. I needed to find something similar, in December 2017 Me and my wife purchased movie tickets and sat down to watch Thor Ragnarok and I found it, Technospheric Mythology right in front of my eyes, it’s regarded as just entertainment for children, I thought about the utterly alien feel compared to movies from the 1950s like the 1959 Ben Hur movie. That earlier movie represents the Medieval Myth, you could show it to an audience from centuries ago and it would be fully comprehensible, but show Thor to even a 1959 audience and it would be surreal and insane, the motivations and morality of the characters would be mostly incomprehensible. 

I’ve seen the way many people react to it, it’s just special effects, it’s action, they can’t see why these movies are so popular. The Christian Myths are the Neoplatonic- Aristotlean weltanschauung turned into a narrative, the Marvel, DC, Inception and so on are the Relativistic-Quantum-Jungian weltanschauung similarity turned into narrative.


This is a moving and beautiful song by the Italian singer Fabrizio de Andre (1940, 1999) inspired by the massacre of Sand Creek of 1864 where some 700 Cheyenne and Arapaho people were killed, most of them women and children.

They took our hearts under a dark blanket
Si son presi il nostro cuore sotto una coperta scura

Under a small dead moon we slept without fear
Sotto una luna morta piccola dormivamo senza paura

He was a twenty year old general
Fu un generale di vent'anni

Blue eyes and the same jacket
Occhi turchini e giacca uguale

He was a twenty year old general
Fu un generale di vent'anni

Son of a storm
Figlio d'un temporale
There is a silver dollar at the bottom of Sand Creek.
C'è un dollaro d'argento sul fondo del Sand Creek.

Our warriors too far on the bison trail
I nostri guerrieri troppo lontani sulla pista del bisonte

And that distant music got louder and louder
E quella musica distante diventò sempre più forte

I closed my eyes three times
Chiusi gli occhi per tre volte

I found myself still there
Mi ritrovai ancora lì

I asked my grandfather. is it just a dream?
Chiesi a mio nonno è solo un sogno?

My grandfather said yes
Mio nonno disse sì
Sometimes the fish sing at the bottom of Sand Creek
A volte i pesci cantano sul fondo del Sand Creek

I dreamed so hard that my nose bleed
Sognai talmente forte che mi uscì il sangue dal naso

Lightning in one ear in the other heaven
Il lampo in un orecchio nell'altro il paradiso

The smallest tears
Le lacrime più piccole

The biggest tears
Le lacrime più grosse

When the snow tree
Quando l'albero della neve

Bloomed with red stars
Fiorì di stelle rosse
Now the children sleep in the Sand Creek bed
Ora i bambini dormono nel letto del Sand Creek

When the sun raised its head between the shoulders of the night
Quando il sole alzò la testa tra le spalle della notte

It was just dogs and smoke and upturned tents
C'erano solo cani e fumo e tende capovolte

I shot an arrow in the sky
Tirai una freccia in cielo

To make it breathe
Per farlo respirare

I shot an arrow in the wind
Tirai una freccia al vento

To make it bleed
Per farlo sanguinare
Look for the third arrow at the bottom of Sand Creek
La terza freccia cercala sul fondo del Sand Creek

They took our hearts under a dark blanket
Si son presi il nostro cuore sotto una coperta scura


  1. Fascinating as always, Ugo. You have been on fire these past few months, absolutely becoming required reading, both here and Chimera.

    Is the collapse of University driving this (i.e. more time on your hands), or has an epiphany possessed you, or something else? Revealing the origin and your thoughts on it (because, based on the material and the confidence in presentation and the wisdom dispensed, I'm reasonably sure you're "feeling it", too) might make for a good post in itself.

    Anyway, thanks for the reading(s).

    1. Thank you, Deskpoet. I am not sure of what exactly I am doing, but one thing that I note is that the lid has been opened and we are witnessing things that had been hidden from the foundation of the world (to cite René Girard). And the feeling that someone has to say things that not everybody says. Maybe it is an epiphany, but I am doing my best.

      One things that makes me able to publish two post per week is that right now I am not writing a book. That may change soon as we (together with Chuck Pezeshky) are planning a new book that should be titled "The New Science of Collaboration." And that will make me very busy and probably forced to reduce the amount of punishment I inflict on Cassandra's readers!

    2. By, the way, if you take a look at the clip at the end of the post, you can note how deeply the singer, Fabrizio de André, feels about what he is singing. He sings about people he has never seen, people he only heard about, and who lived more than a hundred years before him. But he manages to convey all the impotent rage about the sheer horror of what was being done. Injustice has no boundaries.

      Fabrizio de André was truly a great poet of our times. Too bad he is not known outside Italy, but here he has left a big impact.

  2. I'd like to look at it from yet another angle.

    The true crazies being sent mad by an uncomfortable reality, are the Transhumanists and the WEF, the vaccinators and behavioural psychologists who now rule us.

    They cannot stand the thought that the incontestable constraints of finite resources, ecosystem collapse and, well, just being apes with a modest life span will almost certainly terminate their megalomaniac fantasies just as they are starting to seem possible to realise.

    And so the mass of people -the 'inessentials' the insatiable breeders and consumers of the remaining resources that they need for their great project- become the enemy which has to be punished, humiliated, suppressed, and, we can be sure, largely exterminated, in a great effort to evade reality.

    Unlike the Indians, it is proxy punishment and penance.

    1. Good point, Anonymous. You are right on target. I added a note to the post mentioning how the penance is inflicted on the people, not by the people.

  3. Hi Ugo, I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "overreaction to the covid". Do you mean society should let it spread, fill up the intensive care units and let the others die? My question is part sincere and part doubtful, I can say that I'm a big fan of your work, read all of your books and so on but I really don't understand why you mean. Can you elaborate please? Thanks in advance, Olivier

  4. Yes Ugo , I feel as does kevin , though without the background of reading your books.

    1. Kevin, unknown, I placed a note in the text where I am trying to explain more in detail what I meant.

    2. Ugo,
      Thank you for your answer and for the added note. I agree with the statements in it but I can’t help myself but to find the comparison between the sun dance and the COVID rituals irrelevant. The former was during a wartime with an exterior aggressor, the latter is with a very different kind of enemy... The situation is utterly tragic for many people and I do think that the governments around the world are taking advantage of the Covid pandemic to inflict their dominance over the people, continue to racket them with taxes etc. But still I don’t see what else better could governments do. I mean that it’s probably an opportunity for them but that COVID rituals are still relevant. I think it’s important as scientists to acknowledge that the (almost) entire medical sphere (with whom I’m in contact) more or less advises, dictates or at least encourages the COVID rituals, and that their opinion should be taken into consideration. Don’t you agree with that view?

    3. Well, at the beginning of the story, I was a believer in the TINA hypothesis and I followed the rituals. After one year, though, I lost all trust in the rituals and I became a heretic. Sometimes, the only way out of madness is blasphemy. Alas....

    4. There are many distinguished medical dissidents who are being suppressed, censored,ridiculed etc -this has been a clear pattern since the beginning of the pandemic.

      There was, we should recall, a consensus that the doctor who suggested that it would a good idea to wash well in attending women in labour in order to avoid high maternal mortality rates from puerperal fever, was talking rubbish. Resistance went on for years, despite all the evidence.

      It is almost always a mistake to defer unthinkingly to experts and consensus when one can apply reason oneself to the evidence.

      The medical profession can move in herds like any other collection of beasts. And they have career ambitions, debts, and so on like anyone else. They work in structures which will punish or exclude them if they depart from consensus.

      'No one has attained to Truth until a thousand honest men have called him a heretic.'

      We live in a time when it is a badge of honour to be with the 'heretics' -as so often in the past.

    5. In itself, being a dissident is no guarantee to be right -- there is a thin line that separates an informed dissident from a crackpot. But, honestly, so many things in this story are beyond reasonable credibility. For the chronicle, anyway, I am not a virus denier: it exists and it has killed plenty of people. What I say is that the reaction has been wrong, ill-thought, and counterproductive, essentially based on emotion and propaganda rather than on an objective examination of the data.

    6. So are you simply saying, it’s real, it has and will kill many more people, but it should be of no concern and just let natural selection work? So no masks, no avoiding large crowds, no vaccines...just let it all go?
      I understand the long view of herd immunity, but does not the individual have the right to try to save his life or someone he loves, by doing things that seem to have widely researched medical advantages?
      I’m old, so I’m not too worried, but if I were young, I’d probably feel different.

    7. It is always like this. The believers in the rituals are always accusing you of saying things you never said. This is another nice example: "So are you simply saying...." and then she goes on with things I never said. So, Mary, I can only thank you for your interest and I am sure you genuinely believe in what you said.

    8. 'Heretics', after all, still believe in God,etc, just not in the official interpretations and power structures.

      Let's not end up like Giordano Bruno, though! Personally, I was made to hang (or maybe trip up on a carpet) not burn......

      Keep your spirits up, I admire the way you have come out on the side of reason and sense - and, may I add, the real science.

    9. I believe in no rituals. I was simply trying to find out your thoughts and beliefs on whether I or anyone should wear a mask or take the vaccine. Simply wanted information.

    10. If you wanted information, why didn't you just ask for information instead of putting words in my mouth that I never pronounced?

    11. Mr. Bardi, I think your reply to Mary is overly critical in that I gleaned the same information as did she.

    12. The beauty of these discussions is how they are completely out of touch with what we are discussing about. Now, the last comment says that I criticized Mary. Did I? Where did I criticize her?

      I only said, "please do not put in my mouth words that I didn't pronounce." Is that a criticism? Come on.... Anyway, I'll close this thread. It makes no sense.

  5. In the spirt of collapsed tribes this excerpt from John Grays book Straw Dogs


    Having lost the skills of sewing, fishing and making fire, the indigenous people of Tasmania lived more simply than even Aboriginals on the Australian mainland from whom they had been isolated by rising sea levels around ten thousand years ago. When the ships bearing European settlers arrived in Tasmania in 1772, the indigenous people seem not to have noticed them. Unable to process a sight for which nothing had prepared them, they returned to their ways.

    They had no defences against the settlers. By 1830 their numbers had been reduced from around five thousand to seventy-two. In the intervening years they had been used for slave labour and sexual pleasure, tortured and mutilated. They had been hunted like vermin and their skins had been sold for a government bounty. When the males were killed, female survivors were turned loose with the heads of their husbands tied around their necks. Males who were not killed were usually castrated. Children were clubbed to death. When the last indigenous Tasmanian male, William Lanner, died in 1869, his grave was opened by a member of the Royal Society of Tasmania, Dr George Stokell, who made a tobacco pouch from his skin. When the last ‘fullblood’ indigenous woman died a few years later, the genocide was complete

  6. Profesor Bardi, puedo entender algunas de sus sutiles objeciones a las respuestas adoptadas ante la pandemia. Trasladan, efectivamente, advertencias sobre efectos nocivos sobre algunos fundamentos de nuestra civilización; pero también rozan el "negacionismo", si no incurren abiertamente en él. Si no es meridianamente claro en eso,¿ tendremos que interpretar que usted es partidario, en esta ocasión, del "laissez passer" ?

    1. Well, when you criticize a founding belief of an entire worldview, you can expect that not everyone will be happy. :-)

  7. AFAIK The Dakotas used to conduct this ritual before whites' arrival.(every young man had to submit himself to it if he wanted to be ranked as a warrior)
    The pale dance and ghost shirts revival in reservations was due to profound despair. Shamans tried to provide some hope for the hapless.
    (btw . the rising broke out due to overriding biophysical constrains. The food delivery system to the reserves failed thus causing Dakotas ppl to go out hunting)

    1. It is possible, indeed. The problem is that the Native Americans had no written records and so we can't know for sure when the Sun Dance was developed. For sure, ceremonies involving physical pains were typical (and still are) in the initiation of young warriors. So it is plausible that the Sun Dance existed in some form even before the arrival of the Whites. In my opinion, the stress induced by the expansion of the Whites enhanced the sacrificial aspect of the dance. And, indeed, the Ghost dance was a direct reaction to the Whites.

    2. A controversial 'historical novel', Hanta Yo by Ruth Beebe Hill, was purportedly based on a substantial set of ethonographies of the Lakota. Whatever else you might think, for a fantastic read this would be one, though Hill is no Barbara Tuchman in terms of historical accuracy. She was also apparently an acolyte of Ayn Rand. Still, a lot was said about the genesis of the Ghost Dance per your above in her book, and might just have some validity.

  8. May the collapse of out post modernity Western world also entail all Coivid-19 related restrictions may be temporary as The Nation States(Or at least the richer first world ones) require a fully functioning Police,Legal System,Prison System,Internet and telecommunications for restrictions to be enforced. Failed states outside the Western world(plus Japan and South Korea) already have non functional legal systems, corrupt police, unreliable electric grid,etc and in this environment regular people can more easily ignore centralized states. Many Latin American country's are already in this circumstances(For example in Venezuela black markets now provide everday services to people even in Caracas, the Capital). MSM news will also be more ignored and often despised in Post developed society's and we see this in the American Post Industrial areas of the Upper Midwest and Appalachian Mountain area. A further decline in respect or even notice of MSM should further reduce the strength of Centralized Governments. It may also be emphasized that some people will see opportunity in a collapse of Modern Globalized Economics, maybe some First world ethnic minority groupings?

    1. It's good to be optimistic, and personally I hope that what is best in mankind survives to flourish one day.

      In the meantime, the digital prison is being built around us; and I am disconcerted to read that the WEF is now referring confidently to 'the next virus that will certainly hunt us', and to the certainty of a 'Cyber Winter'.

      First they build the trap, then they hammer us more and more, maybe using the cover of a 'Cyber Winter' to press the kill switch on many.

  9. It was actually the diseases unintentionally brought to America by Hernan Cortes and Goons greedy for Mayan Gold that started the domino effect that drastically depopulated the American Continent.

    I don't think there was any evidence of whites actually being intent on wiping out all native Americans when they first made contact with them.

    They were very cordial in their relations like how the Puritan settlers treated a tribe of native Americans friendly to them.

    Only that as soon as there was violence and slaughter courtesy of raids by various Native American tribes on settlers up to a certain intolerable levels like for example including the practice of Scalping.

    Then the revenge cycle started that ended up with the US Army crushing Native American Tribes.

    1. Allow me to disagree, John. It is not evident that the practice of scalping was started by the Indians. It may well be that it was introduced by the Whites and only later adopted by the Indians. In any case, the Whites were enthusiastic about it. Citing from Wikipedia.

      The Connecticut and Massachusetts colonies offered bounties for the heads of killed hostile Indians, and later for just their scalps, during the Pequot War in the 1630s;[15] Connecticut specifically reimbursed Mohegans for slaying the Pequot in 1637.[16] Four years later, the Dutch in New Amsterdam offered bounties for the heads of Raritans.[16] In 1643, the Iroquois attacked a group of Huron pelters and French carpenters near Montreal, killing and scalping three of the French.[17]

      Bounties for Indian captives or their scalps appeared in the legislation of the American colonies during the Susquehannock War (1675–77).[18] New England offered bounties to white settlers and Narragansett people in 1675 during King Philip's War.[16] By 1692, New France also paid their native allies for scalps of their enemies.[16] In 1697, on the northern frontier of Massachusetts colony, settler Hannah Duston killed ten of her Abenaki captors during her nighttime escape, presented their ten scalps to the Massachusetts General Assembly, and was rewarded with bounties for two men, two women, and six children, even though Massachusetts had rescinded the law authorizing scalp bounties six months earlier.[15]

    2. Actually, I have to correct myself. I did some researching and it may be that the Native Americans had actually developed the scalping and that they were copied by the Whites (rather enthusiastically, as I said). In Europe, people preferred the entire heads of defeated enemies as trophies. Which use was better, is hard to say!

    3. @Ugo Bardi

      True. I just checked back in this post. That's the nature of revenge. Both sides become enthusiastic through desensitization to violence.

  10. the medieval world just needs a little bit of bread and wine to generate a civilisation based on charity, the necrophiliac technosphere with its foundation of total control by abstraction instead would need the whole world, and this would never be enough... how would this fit with ecosystem collapse?

    1. Agreed. The Middle Ages were not Dark Ages.

    2. A fact that would astonish many used to the Hollywood version of the Middle Ages is that medieval hospitals -unless they fell into the hands of corrupt administrators - treated patients and residents very well indeed, in terms of food, clothing, bedding, etc.

      Fear of God, and prudent insurance for the next life on the part of the wealthy ensured that. Even civic zeal to show just how pious and generous one's town was.

      The Big/BioTech Transhumanists, however, are certainly in desperate fear of Death, not God. And full of loathing for their fellow men - or sub-humans as they see them.

      That is why the first steps of their imposed transition to a digitised world and 'Great Re-set' are bringing to our towns and cities the extinction of life, work, love and real charity - and to the poorest first of all.

      And why they try to saturate us in hopeless fear with propaganda.

    3. lets not just see it as past. you wrote a while ago about the collapse of the catholic church. i think, what is collapsing is not the church itself, but the project of a church fitting into and being acceptet by the modern world.
      some bread and wine, that are not objects/commodities, but (as body) personal (along with the whole cosmos) should still be available...

  11. Prof Bardi, may I ask what is the reality of the 'resistance' to the insane lock-downs and the mass openings of small 'inessential' businesses in Italy in general, and Florence in particular? Is it a myth? It's impossible to tell from here.

    1. Basically, the resistance is zero. Nobody dares to move a finger. If you try to say something against the official views in public you are either censored or you face hordes of trolls. Have you ever wondered why I write mostly in English? Well, there is a reason.....

    2. I feared as much.

      We are meant to be enjoying a 'great re-opening' of small businesses here in England on Saturday, I suspect it will be a flop.

      I shall go into Cambridge and have a drink at a pub if I can, but I doubt anyone will dare to break the Re-set law.

      Someone asked: where are all the 'human rights' lawyers now? This is the greatest abuse of our natural rights in Europe since WW2.

      One retired high court judge has tried to oppose this insanity, and was torn to pieces by morons on TV for his pains.....

    3. Cierto que el Estado se está reforzando con sus respuestas al desafío de la pandemia; pero algunos no vemos qué otros sujetos podrían articular otro tipo de respuestas eficientes sin comprometer seriamente la salud de sus ciudadanos que, muchas veces, están pidiendo medidas aún más restrictivas. Algunas administraciones "liberales" , como las de Brasil, USA, UK, inclinadas en un principio a tolerar los costos de salud en favor del crecimiento económico tuvieron que rectificar o continuar contradiciendo a sus Opiniones Públicas. Creo que el Estado funciona mejor, protege el bienestar ciudadano en general, comenzando por su salud, cuando cuida de "lo público". Por el camino, eso sí, pueden comprometerse algunos valores, pero me cuesta equiparar la libertad de movimiento y la de emprendimiento de algunas actividades con todo el corpus de los "derechos humanos". Por cierto, por si acaso alguien tenía dudas, hoy vemos cómo los mayores desafíos que de momento están enfrentando los Estados provienen de grandes compañías. Gigantes Tecnológicas se atreven a silenciar al presidente, saliente, eso sí, de la primera potencia mundial. Y una empresa farmacéutica rompe (¿impunemente?) un contrato con la tercera. Ya hemos visto antes cómo algunos fondos de inversión pueden arruinar países especulando con sus monedas... El día que puedan armar ejércitos, volvemos al Feudalismo.



Ugo Bardi is a member of the Club of Rome, faculty member of the University of Florence, and the author of "Extracted" (Chelsea Green 2014), "The Seneca Effect" (Springer 2017), and Before the Collapse (Springer 2019)